Monday, March 18, 2013

Learning Selenium/WebDriver

Recently, I am facing a question lot of times.

How do I learn Selenium/Webdriver?

That question is asked by my friends, friends of friends, co-workers who wanted to learn Selenium but couldn't know where to start. I tell them, that is easy, go to, search for webdriver talks in Google Tech Talks, Google Test Automation Conf, Selenium Conf etc, you will find videos,presentations by creators of Selenium.

After repeating this lot of times, I thought, Ok let put those video links some where and send it to them. Because lot of them dont know who created Webdriver or commiters to Webdriver. So here are the links. I will keep updating this whenever I found time or new things.

First, Selenium IDE from SeleniumConf

GTAC 2011: WebDriver

Automating Your Browser Based Testing Using WebDriver 

Se Builder

Web performance testing using Webdriver

Apart from those sources, you can also look into these places to find Selenium related things.

Selenium Officical HQ
Selenium Blog


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