Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Debugging tool in Python

When you try to use the Python functions. It will be diffcult to know the what the values of the variables in the function. This is the same case in all the languages, you need to manually code to print the value. Python has a option for this.

It is Inspect.Py module.

The inspect module provides several useful functions to help get information about live objects such as modules, classes, methods, functions, tracebacks, frame objects, and code objects. For example, it can help you examine the contents of a class, retrieve the source code of a method, extract and format the argument list for a function, or get all the information you need to display a detailed traceback.
There are four main kinds of services provided by this module: type checking, getting source code, inspecting classes and functions, and examining the interpreter stack.

The code is very simple and you can do lot with it.


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