Thursday, October 16, 2008

Folders in GMail

There are no folders in the GMail, correct? Yahoo and MSN has it. However, GMail does have the folders option, only thing that we need to use one more check while creating the filter.

When creating the filters to apply the labels, check the Archive(Skip Inbox) option. From next time the mails will directly go to the folders.

Okie, what to do for the existing mails? Simple, select the mails and click on archive. You will find that only the repestive folders(labels)


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

RSS in Thunderbird

RSS is an effective way to keep a tab on the news, blogs etc. I've tried some tools such as RSSBandit initially and finally settled with Thunderbird. See how to use Thunderbird as an effective RSS tool, from here.

My reasons for using Thunderbird for RSS reading

1. In one window, I can read all. As Thunderbird is my mail client, I dont want open an another software for just reading blogs.
2. Power of Add-ons such as remove duplicates available in Thunderbird.
3. Easy to setup and manage.
4. It can download the blog contents rather than visting the blog to view the entire content. i.e. offline availblity.

Try it. Tell me how it works.


My First post

Welcome to my blog

This is my first post in this blog. I had tried blogging some ago, starting with this. I didn't continued that.



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